each customer should not be valued as a single transaction. But valued as business over a lifetime.

In the Shadows Shoppers are specialists in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction research.

The company is newly established (2018) by Donna Cederstrand, an independently contracted Mystery Shopper with over 20 years experience. Also, a new member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.

Our headquarters are in Kelowna, BC, but we can provide services to businesses within the Okanagan.

 “Our policy is to provide all of our clients with an individual, high quality service which is excellent value for money.”

Donna Cederstrand, Director

About mystery shopping

We all know that each customer should not be valued as a single transaction. But valued as a lifetime customer. It is far, far cheaper to keep existing customers than to attract new ones.

The tangible elements of customer service aren't to difficult to measure. Such as delivery-as-promised. It's the intangible elements which are more tricky. But it's these which are most important to your customers. Elements such as:

  • How the service they received compared with the service they expected.
  • How much they trust you and your product.
  • How your customer service compares with that of your competitors.
  • How much loyalty they feel towards you as a result of their last transaction.
  • How much they feel you value them as a customer.
  • How much they feel they are treated like an individual person.

While most programs are about measuring customer service, there are a range of other possible objectives including:

  • Compliance - are your staff complying with legal requirements?
  • Security - are your staff being honest about using the till, giving receipts, not pocketing cash, etc?
  • Standards - are your staff following company laid-down standards and procedures?
  • Incentives - we can help you identify staff who deserve a reward.
  • Competitor Monitor - we can benchmark you against competitors - by service, by price or both.
  • Training Needs Analysis - identifying weaknesses in the service chain which indicate a training need, and confirm afterwards how effective the training has been.
  • Continuous Improvement - we have techniques which provide you with an ideal basis for helping every branch or every staff member to strive towards excellence.

How Mystery shopping can help your business

We offer an accurate, reliable and inexpensive method of quality control which provides you with a means of identifying both good customer service (which can be rewarded) and the not-so-good (which can be performance managed).

  •     We provide periodic reports and statistics to enable you to track customer service performance.
  •     We monitor your customer service by visiting, calling, or emailing nominated outlets at an agreed frequency.
  •     We help you to look at your business through the eyes of your customers.
  •     We help you ensure all your outlets are giving a consistent level of customer service.
  •     We help you spot any employees who may be driving your customers away.
  •     We check the service provided against your laid-down customer service standards.
  •     We confirm whether your staff are promoting those services and products they have been instructed to promote.
  •     We check that advice and information your employees are giving is accurate and conforms to any legal guidelines which may apply.
  •     We benchmark your service against that offered by your competitors.

Shoppers are selected from our database according to their location and their suitability in terms of the type of product or service involved. 

Once our quality control process is completed, assessment forms are available for review. We provide a summary report (and presentations if required) at an agreed frequency.

Our reports will enable you to track the effect of product changes as well as customer service and staff training programs. They will enable you to compare the performance of each outlet and reward those which demonstrate the best customer service. This is especially important where sales incentive programs may lead staff to make short-term sales a higher priority than long-term customer satisfaction.

Our services are tailored to meet the exact needs of the business and an individual program is installed for each of our clients.