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Mystery Visits

We are able to carry out many different types of standard mystery shopping, such as:

Retail Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shoppers visit your shop, pub, restaurant, bank branch, post office, car dealership or other premises and assess the customer service they receive. This can include their sales techniques, product knowledge and level of compliance. If required, to meet your objectives, we can ask our shoppers to make a purchase and assess how well the sale was handled. Our shoppers are used to carrying out a wide variety of scenarios on their assignments, including insurance enquiries, loan or mortgage enquiries and membership enquiries.

You can spend millions on marketing to get your customer in the door, but it’s what happens when they are inside that determines a sale. Product placement, product availability and a knowledgeable sales staff are just a few of the factors that can influence sales.

in the shadows is your eyes and ears on the ground; monitoring these areas and providing tangible data that you can use to improve your customers’ experience.

Clothing & Apparel

Apparel sales associates must go beyond the basics of greeting and stocking.  They function as fashion experts that can identify current trends and ‘build’ an outfit. We can help you ensure your sales representatives are providing customers with a personalized shopping approach and increasing Units per Transaction.

Convenience & Gas

The key ingredient to a successful convenience store or gas station is the ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently; there is limited time for up-selling or offering in-store promotions. We can help you verify if your sales staff is in high gear.

Furniture & Appliance

Sales associates that can build trust and instill confidence are what can make the difference between customers purchasing in person, rather than going home and shopping online. We can help confirm that your associates possess extensive product knowledge, understand competitive pricing, and can close a sale on the spot.

Automotive Sales & Service

From the first test-drive, to price negotiation and after-sales service, it is important that every touch point with your customer is a positive experience. We can help you ensure your sales and service consultants are fostering brand loyalty.


Our mystery shoppers travel on your trains, planes, ships, buses, coaches etc. or our shoppers can even go on one of your holidays and tell you about their experience.

Service Industry

Do you really know what is happening on the front line of your business? Disguised as regular, everyday customers, our trained mystery shoppers will help you find out. Provide us with your service recipe and we will work with you to develop a survey that measures your key performance indicators.

“There is no better way to understand how your business is operating than by measuring what happens when you are not there. Quite simply, in the shadows is your eyes and ears. ”


Our shoppers go to theatres, cinemas, opera houses, pubs, wine bars, clubs, fast food outlets, tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels.


Your customers visit you to get a “better than home” experience. They should offer service that will make your guests feel valued and spoiled.  Your servers should make your customers’ mouths water through vivid menu descriptions and recommendations, thereby increasing sales per head.  Satisfied and satiated customers are repeat customers.


In your business, it is often the smallest service details that make the biggest impact, which differentiate you from your competitors. Keeping these in mind keeps your customers coming back. Check-in and checkout, valet service, housekeeping, and special requests are just some of the key areas where you have the opportunity to stand out and make a unique impression on your customer.


Our mystery shoppers are sometimes asked to order goods for delivery at their home and let you know when those goods arrive, in what condition and whether they were correct as ordered or they ask you to deliver a service (such as clearing a blocked drain or cleaning a carpet) at their homes and tell you how well your staff did the job.


We test invigilators in exams, attend timeshare presentations, visit county shows, take electronic goods for repair and employ couriers. Our shoppers loiter to attract the attention of on-street sellers of charity donations, insurance, power supply and telephone contracts.


Our mystery shoppers attend conferences and meetings, sit in on sales presentations, make wholesale or trade enquiries and purchases and apply to join business groups and professional bodies.

Audio Shopping

We are also able to audio record the visits if required – this enables you to listen to the experience as it happens and decide yourself whether the service meets the standard you expect.

Video Shopping

Video mystery shopping is rapidly increasing in popularity as companies seek to ensure that every customer interaction is as positive as possible and that no potential sales are lost.

Mystery Shoppers Ltd has developed a professional team of covert agents who can cover all corners of the UK and Ireland.  Their experiences are captured using state of the art recording equipment and uploaded to our secure inbound data website within hours of the visit being completed.  All our shoppers are trained and fully briefed on each project and are able to comfortably fill a variety of roles to suit almost any client requirement.

Video mystery shoppers often accompany genuine customers we have recruited to record their experience.  This technique has been used in programmes such as car dealerships and hearing aid centres.

Video mystery shops can be commissioned in addition to, or in place of, a written report.

The videos themselves can either be supplied on DVD or downloaded through our password-protected secure website in a variety of formats to suit the client.  Videos and associated reports will be available as soon as they have been quality checked, usually within 72 hours of a visit being completed.

All videos can if required be fully edited with titling where appropriate.  If any visit does not meet our extremely high standards then the visit will be repeated at no cost to the client.

Mystery Phone Calls

We have a panel of in-house professional callers as well as a large panel of home based callers who carry out the telephone mystery shopping.

Telephone - Outbound

Our mystery callers make calls pretending to be customers and report back on how the call was handled. They can test all your telephone lines (quick speed-and-greet or longer calls) including your call centres. We can provide digital recordings of every call to help you coach staff towards excellence. They can test how you responded after business hours, how professionally your staff transferred calls and how quickly and efficiently you sent fulfilment by post if required.

We have textphones to test your response to disabled callers and mobile numbers so we can accept callbacks.

Telephone - Inbound

We can also provide an inbound call service to monitor your outbound Call Centre activity. Our shoppers will answer as private individuals or businesses as required.

Call Scoring

There is no more important a place to focus on customers and their experiences than in the contact centre. To ensure that agents are constantly performing to the best of their abilities and providing callers with optimal service, contact centres invest in technologies and other reporting and monitoring tools to capture agent/customer interactions.

By scoring calls and measuring their quality and accuracy, contact centres are able to provide customers with better service as well as generating more sales transactions. The recordings provide insight into how agents are representing the company and treating callers. It also helps the call centre to know if agents have a good product understanding and can handle customer enquiries efficiently.

MSL offers a service that analyses calls that have already been recorded on the client’s recording system. Once recordings are listened to, they are then scored by an experienced team of researchers. The scores for the calls can be accessed by leaders and supervisors via the Web who can then use the data in coaching sessions.

Web and E-mail Inquiry

Our mystery shoppers can make email or web form enquiries to your business and track response times, content of replies and the complete customer experience.

We can arrange for emails/enquiries to be sent from business email addresses if business to business is required.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Your product placement, inventory levels, shelf space and special offers are just a part of what ensures that you are maximizing sales. But, who sells your product? Do they know about the most important features? Who ensures the right representation of your product all over the country?  Our nationwide coverage allows us to evaluate this for you quickly, efficiently, and simultaneously across the country.

“Whether you need your merchandise placed according to a plan-o-gram, need a price comparison with your competitor’s product, or need to educate those who are representing your brand, in the shadows will get the job done.

Cosmetics & Pharma

The customer will often ask for the advice of the cosmetician. If your in-store representatives do not know your brand, your consumers may miss it and go home with a competitor’s product.  With so many choices, the cosmetician is vital to your product’s visibility. Those selling your product should be able to take a consultative approach, assess the client’s needs, and quickly be able to guide her to the right product within your brand. Product knowledge, friendliness and speed of service are all key factors in ensuring your customer leaves satisfied. A great way to ensure maximum convenience for your customers is through effective product training and excellent communication of the benefits.

Consumer Electronics

When a customer shops at a retail electronics store, they are overwhelmed with so many choices of the same product.  How do you make your product break from the clutter? Are the sales associates representing your products encouraging or hindering your sales? Are they well versed enough to understand why your product is the better choice? What incentive do they have to recommend your product over your competitor?  Premier Service offers a wide variety of programs designed to train, test and incent sales associates to choose, recommend and evangelize your product. Better-trained, more knowledgeable sales people means top of mind awareness for your product that will affect your bottom line.